Suggestions for assessment

Suggested materials to use in Assessment for Range 1-2


Single color objects

IMG_5067     clear bear    IMG_5070

Typically has a “preferred” color
red_spoon     red_toothbrush     red_sippy_cup


Objects have movement or reflective qualities

IMG_5065      red_bow    IMG_5133

Objects that move in space

IMG_0638     red_flag

Visual Latency

Allow long periods of “wait time”

Document “wait time” to share this important information with the Team!

 Visual field preferences

Determine visual field preference



Single color objects with no visual clutter
red pinwheel    IMG_5088

Strictly controlled environment, without any additional sensory input (no talking, no music, eliminate visual clutter, eliminate environmental smells)



Overly attentive to lights

Objects paired with light or that produce light

Movement paired with light

Red/black spinner overlay on a Light Box      red APH Swirly Mat on Light Box

Distance Viewing

Typically attends in near space only, less than 2 feet

DSC_0017   boy, light box, spinnng wheel

Atypical visual reflexes

No blink in response to touch and/or objects moving quickly toward them

 Visual Novelty

Sets of objects that are visually similar.


Absence of visually guided reach

Look and touch occur as separate functions

Look and touch occur with large and/or moving objects