Suggestions for assessment

Suggested materials to use in Assessment for Range 7-8


More colors

IMG_0578   MultiColorSlinky

Familiar patterns

Preferred color may be necessary when complex, highly detailed symbols or images are presented


Color helps organize, frame or highlight salient features of  material

Color may “anchor” visual attention


Not required for attention at near distance

Tablet devices incorporate movement and backlighting

 Visual latency

Rarely present

Visual field preferences

May alternate use of right and left fields


Competing auditory stimuli tolerated while using vision

Smiles/regards familiar and new faces

Views simple books or symbols

DSC_0111 copy   IMG_0630   IMG_0637 IMG_0633   IMG_0639

Identification of salient features, internal details and location of  targets against complex and patterned backgrounds

DSC_0108 copy   DSC_0109 copy

Salient features and complexity of array



Distance viewing

Visual attention extends to 10 feet with targets that produce movement

 Atypical visual reflexes

Visual threat response consistently present


Selection of objects less restricted

Vision “warm-up” time may be required

 Absence of visually guided reach

Look and touch occur in rapid sequence, but not always together