Guidelines for observation

Guidelines for The CVI Range Observations

  • Observe the individual in familiar and unfamiliar settings.
  • Record the CVI behaviors you observe.
  • Note behaviors that pertain to the CVI characteristic behaviors which includes but is not limited to:
    • Staring at or regarding overhead lights, lamps, light coming in from windows, light on a tablet device or cell phone.
    • The presence or absence of visual curiosity-does the individual “check out” the environment by looking at the novel aspects?
    • Does the individual orient to objects of a particular color?
    • Does the individual look at faces? Is there eye-to-eye contact?
    • Does the individual look away from objects when there is voice, music, or background noise present?
    • Does the individual turn their head when attempting to look at a target?
    • Does the individual demonstrate a delay before looking toward or directly at a target?
    • Does the individual look away from a target just before reaching or swatting at it?
    • Does the individual look at things that are shiny or that move in space?
    •  Does the individual move their head when trying to visually locate a target?
    • How far away are objects the individual looks at or spontaneously notices?