Suggestions for assessment

Suggested materials to use in Assessment for Range 3-4


Has “preferred” color

objects of one color    IMG_4518    IMG_5070


More consistent localization, brief fixations on movement and reflective materials

 IMG_5081    lava lamp    IMG_5079

Visual latency

“Wait time” may decrease after periods of consistent viewing

Continue to document “wait time” to share with the child’s Team

Visual field preferences

Shows visual field preferences

 Observe, observe and interview those who know the child best


Visually fixates when environment is controlled (single color objects without additional sensory input)

Continue to be aware of the child’s best environment for vision: block out visual clutter, limit talking/music, strong smells

IMG_0665    DSC_0017

Shows little or no visual attention to human faces, little or no eye contact


Less attracted to lights

blue rope lights

Can be redirected to other targets

Highlight objects by shining a flashlight onto the toy 


Block  light from being the focus, making the desired target (rather than light itself) the point of visual interest


Distance viewing

Occasional visual attention to familiar, moving or large targets at 2 to 3 feet

 Atypical visual reflexes

Blinks in response to touch, but response may be latent


May tolerate novel objects if the novel objects share characteristics of familiar objects

Share single preferred color


Share movement and single color


Absence of visually guided reach

Look and touch occur with smaller objects that are familiar, lighted or reflective

Look and touch are still separate