APH Products for CVI

Please note that not every product listed below is appropriate for every learner diagnosed with CVI. Explore the assessment/strategy resources on this site for ideas on how to determine which products are best matched to your learner’s needs.

Mini-Lite Box: Overlays

Designed to provide the ability to build visual complexity by adding one overlay at a time, individualizing each child’s needs.

The Mini-Lite Box Overlays are unique in that the parent or teacher may choose the level of visual complexity for each learner. Overlays can be used for instruction or assessment in color identification, shape identification, and counting. Individualize by adding layers for each student’s level of complexity

Using color, light, and increasing levels of complexity, the Mini-Lite Box Overlays can be layered for many different purposes.

CVI Book Builder Kit

This book making kit is designed to create individualized books for children diagnosed with Cerebral/Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI).

Children diagnosed with CVI frequently have difficulty in understanding objects, pictures, and letters presented against a complex background. CVI Book Builder provides materials for parents and teachers to build books specifically for their reader. The kit provides a variety of black pages and black binders to use as low complexity backgrounds against which to present familiar items, photos, and letters/words.

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Bright Shapes Knob Puzzle Click here

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Bright Shapes Knob Puzzles are acrylic puzzle pieces based on the shapes used in APH’s Light Box Levels I-III Kits. These puzzles have knobs to help with grasping — one of the targeted skills. Other targeted skills include hand-eye coordination, relational concepts such as in/out, directionality, shape and color recognition, comparison, and patterning. Although this kit will serve as a terrific puzzle set on its own, it is designed to be easily viewed on the APH Light Box. Educators, therapists, and parents will discover endless learning opportunities with these puzzles.

Increasing Complexity Pegboard  click here

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A manipulative developed for children with visual impairments, including those diagnosed with CVI.

The Increasing Complexity Pegboard was created for children with visual impairments, including those diagnosed with Cerebral/Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI). Paired with diagnostic teaching strategies, the pegboard set helps to determine and support the child’s color, lighting, movement, and complexity needs.

Children diagnosed with CVI frequently have difficulty in understanding objects presented in a complex array. The Increasing Complexity Pegboard provides materials for parents and teachers to create background templates specifically for their learner.

Match–It-Up Frames can be used by parents and teachers to custom-design activities addressing specific learning needs of students who are blind and visually impaired, as well as those with multiple disabilities.

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 Spinner Overlays for the Light Box

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New! Catalog Number: 1-08692-00  click here

Designed to support the individual needs of learners with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) or low vision.

Using color, light, movement, and increasing levels of complexity, the Spinner Overlays for the Light Box can be adapted and layered for many different purposes.

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Swirly Mats II CVI for use during Play-based Functional Vision Evaluation….or just for fun! Use with the Mini-Lite Box or on the yellow, black, white tabletop mats. Assess the characteristics of color preference, need for movement, visual latency, visual field preference, levels of visual complexity, need for light, distance viewing, visual novelty, and visually-guided reach.

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Invisiboard 1-08541-00 click here

Tri-fold board 1-08859-00  click here

All-in-One board 1-08836-00  click here

All-in-One Board: Student Model 1-08833-00  click here

Light Box 1-08669-00 click here

Mini-Lite Box Thumbnail

Mini-Lite Box 1-08661-00 click here

Light Box Materials: Level I Thumbnail

Light Box Materials: Level I 1-08670-00 click here

Plexiglas? Spinner and Spinner Patterns Thumbnail

Plexiglass Spinner and Spinner Patterns 1-08664-00 click here

Swirly Mats CVI 1-08153-00 click here

Spangle Tangle: Play and Explore 1-08755-00 click here

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Joy Player – 1-07089-00  click here

The Joy Player joins the Tactile Graphic Image Library

Students who use tactile communication symbols can now request their favorite personal music player—The Joy Player. Requested by Cindy Corbett, a visual impairment and orientation and mobility specialist from Indiana, APH now offers STL files of the Joy Player button switches on the Tactile Graphic Image Library, enabling consumers to 3-D print the file. Whether your student uses the symbol alone or mounted on a communication card, he or she can express a personal desire to listen to music in an appropriate way and expect a response. Tactile symbols are tools for teaching important communication and functional literacy skills.

ToAD Kit: Tools for Assessment and Development of Visual Skills 1-08152-00 click here

Sensory Learning Kit (SLK) 1-08611-00 http://shop.aph.org/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_Sensory%20Learning%20Kit%20(SLK)_35518303P_10001_11051

Select Switch 1-08617-00 click here

SAM: Symbols and Meaning 1-08854-00 click here

CVI Complexity Sequences Kit 1-08156-00 click here

CVI Complexity Sequences, eBook and Interactive Cards D-03610-ED click here

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Bright Line Reading Guide Yellow 1-03060-00 Pink 1-03061-00 click here

Match Sticks 1-08157-00  click here

Game Kit 1-08440-00  click here

Plexiglas? Blocks Thumbnail

Geometric Shapes 1-08663-00 click here

Colored Shape Cards Thumbnail

Colored Shape Cards 1-08667-00 click here

Familiar Object Pictures Thumbnail

Familiar Object Pictures 1-08666-00 click here

Digital Light Box Artwork 1-08691-00 click here