APH product connections

APH Product Connections – CVI Range 1-2

CVI Perspectives DVD 1-30014-DVD  click here

Invisiboard Thumbnail

Invisiboard 1-08541-00  click here

Tri-fold board 1-08859-00  click here

All-in-One board 1-08836-00  click here

All-in-One Board: Student Model 1-08833-00  click here

Light Box 1-08669-00  click here

Mini-Lite Box Thumbnail

Mini-Lite Box 1-08661-00  click here

Light Box Materials: Level I Thumbnail

Light Box Materials: Level I 1-08670-00  click here

Plexiglas? Spinner and Spinner Patterns Thumbnail

Plexiglass Spinner and Spinner Patterns 1-08664-00   click here

Swirly Mats CVI 1-08153-00  click here

Spangle Tangle: Play and Explore 1-08755-00  click here

Quick tip: Spangle Tangle: Play & Explore  click

ToAD Kit: Tools for Assessment and Development of Visual Skills 1-08152-00  click here

Sensory Learning Kit (SLK) 1-08611-00  click here

Sensory Learning Kit Homegrown Video:

or..purchase the DVD:

Sensory Learning Kit Homegrown Video – 1-30022-DVD  click here

Select Switch 1-08617-00  click here