Suggestions for assessment

Suggested materials to use in Assessment for Range 5-6


Objects continue to feature preferred color, but additional color may now be appropriate

 rubber_duck    red_white_socks   m&m_2_color


Continues to be an important factor to initiate visual attention

 IMG_5149  Red_white_kite  Lava_Lamp  yellow toy duck floating on water

Visual latency

Latency present only when student is tired, stressed or overstimulated

Visual field preferences

Field preferences decreasing with familiar inputs


Tolerates low levels of familiar background noise

Simple patterned backgrounds may be possible

DSC_0104 copy    DSC_0103 copy   Finger touching iPad screen, speech bubble reads "That's right, that's the dog!"

Two dimensional materials may be appropriate at the end of Phase II (CVI range 6-7). Remember a child needs to understand that symbols/pictures represent/mean something …link the symbol/picture to something that the child is familiar with (see Literacy tabs of this website for more information).

linking real object to photo ryan  toothbrush next to a picture card of a toothbrush, with word toothbrush written on it  a red toy bear toy presented next to a photo of the exact same red toy bear

Regards familiar faces when voice does not compete; may show interest in own image in a mirror 


Is no longer a distractor, but can be used to initiate visual interest or when environment complexity has increased (to anchor interest); continue to make the object the visual target not the light itself; objects presented should have a purpose – for the child to interact through activation, grasping, cause/effect

fish aquarium with lights and plants   image

Distance viewing

Visual attention extends up to 4-6 feet

Consider marking places where the child travels with preferred colored sign or tape to alert them to their environment (doorways, sinks, garbage cans…)

Atypical visual reflexes

Blink response to touch consistently present

Visual threat response intermittently present


Use familiar objects to initiate visual attention

New objects should share some visual characteristics of familiar ones

IMG_6549    IMG_1618

Absence of visually guided reach

Visually guided reach used with familiar objects or preferred color