Dr. Amanda Lueck

Lueck, A.H., & Dutton, G. N. (Eds.) (2015). Vision and the Brain: Understanding Cerebral Visual Impairment in Children. New York, NY: AFB Press.


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Cerebral Visual Impairment based on Lueck & Dutton’s Vision and the Brainis now available as a self-paced tutorial! This tutorial includes all of the lectures, interviews, presentations and resources of Dr. Amanda Lueck’s 10-session online class, with the flexibility of self-paced scheduling.

The tutorial costs $150 for 20 credits (ACVREP, Continuing Education Credits, or Professional Development Points), or $45 if no credits are needed.

You may learn when and where you like, and you set the deadline for completion.

The tutorial is made up of 5 modules, each containing video segments, readings, and assigned activities to enhance and apply your learning. Plan to spend 1 week working through each module. While this is a self-paced course, the material will have the most impact if you work steadily through the outline in the order it is presented.


Cerebral Visual Impairment: A Brain-Based Visual Condition